Next Step Citizen is a part of SE Next Step

Through our communication platform, we facilitate collaboration, integration and data security across departments and sectors while empowering the individual citizen – whether it is Health, Education or other public services in general. We are involved in several ground breaking projects within Health and Prevention in Denmark

Next Step Citizen developes technological solutions that makes it easier to be a citizen in Denmark.

We build digital bridges and roads that connects public and private services – it gives you as a citizen a feeling of connectivity – for example in your treatment within the health system.

At the same time it creates a smoother proces for employees within the public and private Health sector. And enables everyone to communicate across different systems and sectors.


Projects in Next Step Citizen:


Woman In Kitchen Using Laptop - Online Chat with Nurse or Doctor on Screen.

Horsens på forkant – consulting your physician from your livingroom

A project where the municipality of Horsens, Hospitalunit Horsens and general practitioners cooperate and offer citizens with chronic diseases a complete digital solution.

A healthhotspot developed by Next Step Citizen makes this project possible.

It enables the citizen to consult their doctor from their own livingroom, by doing their own measurements sending it digitally to doctors, hospitals and the municipality – and then as the next step having a videoconsultation.

The solution provides new opportunities – creates a feeling of security and secures independence for the citizen.


The digital highway – Connectivity between all citizen related IT-systems in the region of Southern Denmark

Next Step Citizen cooperates with five municipalities and five hospitals on a project we call “The digital highway”.

Model DDL


Our purpose is to make it easier and cheaper to develop and use digital citizen solutions.

Our aim is that all systems communicate across sectors, agencies and players in the entire region of southern Denmark.


Telemedicin – the municipality of Esbjerg – The Digital Welfareplatform

The municipality of Esbjerg started a project with Development of solutions within telemedicin in cooperation with Next Step Citizen – We call it “The Digital Welfareplatform”.

web Citizen konsultation hjemmefraThe municipality of Esbjerg has a general ambition – to secure that the Citizens can remain in their own home for as long as possible.

This also applies if the Citizen has or obtains a chronical disease.

In that type of cases telemedicin can be a great assistance for the Citizen.


And that’s why the municipality of Esbjerg engaged in a cooperation with Next Step Citizen – to be one step ahead of the future challenges within Citizen welfare.


IMG_3966“If we don’t act now it will create difficulties for us in the long run. We won’t be able to encounter the Citizens future need for Welfare services within the economic setup that we have. We want to ensure a high service level within the Welfare system through Development and innovation” Johnny Søttrup, Mayor of Esbjerg.

The digital highway – Connectivity between all citizen related IT-systems in the region of Southern Denmark