The city of Esbjerg has become the center of offshore and energy development and already today the area hosts 10,000 jobs in the offshore/energy sector. The region of South Denmark has a unique energy network and fiber broadband infrastructure. Automated energy meters have documented energy usage of 272.000 households over the last 5 years, all energy stations are digital and 76% of all households in the region have access to high speed fiber broadband.


Situated in Esbjerg, the Energy Metropolis of Denmark, Next Step City is a community for innovative providers of smart energy and digital products and services. It hosts a Living Lab including a full scale test laboratory with more than 272.000 households attached . A variety of companies representing various industries such as energy, it-infrastructure, software development, welfare technology and digital services Work from here.

Welcome to Next Step City – Smart Move!


Facilities include
– 1 Gbit/s connection with direct link to world-class server capacity
– Conference centre with capacity for up to 200 people
– Production kitchen catering for 200+ people (supplying individual canteens)
– Showroom
– Full-scale test laboratory with 266,000 consumers attached

Living Lab Projects

SE is a central partner in several smart grid R&D projects. These include both technical and behavioral projects focusing on user involvement and real-life testing