Next Step Challenge


In SE Next Step we combine the agile and disruptive approach of start-up companies with the validated maturing process of the established companies while harvesting synergies and benefits on both sides.

We do this through Europe’s most ambitious entrepreneur program Next Step Challenge. Our process is based on 4 pillars:

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By sourcing participants throughout the world we gain valuable knowledge on trends and insight into some of the best ideas in the world within sustainability and digitalization. Through a tough screening and selection process we cut down the field of participants from several hundreds to only 8-10 companies securing only the best ideas and focused teams qualify for participation in the Next Step Challenge.

During the Challenge we work with a hypothesis driven approach validating the critical assumptions behind each business idea thus securing that the idea, business model and business plan of the company are strong enough and relevant for their customer segments. We focus on market access and validation and build each stage around specific milestones for the companies to meet.

We supply the participating companies with access to experts and investors in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in our area and with access to highly skilled key personnel and experts in our own corporation as well.

This gives us as a corporation insight into disruptive business models and technologies within our fields of focus and the possibility to work with new ideas and innovation in an agile manner. And it gives the participating companies the best possible platform for a successful start to their company by quickly gaining knowledge as to whether their idea and business model are strong enough to succeed or needs restructuring or fine tuning.

If you are curious to learn more about the Next Step Challenge you can access the website by clicking here

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Do you want to have look behind the scenes? Jyske Bank TV visited us at kickoff in 2015 – take a peak here (in Danish)

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