Next Step Lab

Green Energyliving lab1

Next Step Lab is in short terms a matter of knowledge through data.

All our work is based on data from SE’s more than 270.000 consumers – we collect data via their intelligent electric meters.

Our assignments revolve around data analysis, research and spotting trends based on consumer behavior.

  • BigData from more than 270.000 households
  • A LivingLab consumer panel of 2.600 households
  • SE Next Step Lab – a showroom at the SE headquarters

We are part of the SE corporation, and we also cooperate with various external partners on data analysis.

In our LivingLab we have the great opportunity of testing specific products, collecting information via questionnaires and constantly adding knowledge to our corporation, with one aim – making our customers happy and providing them with the best service possible now and in the future.

At Next Step Lab we base our analysis on Bigdata from more than 270.000 households. Did you know that paying attention to your energy consumption - can provide you with a 15 % reduction?