61,000 FTTH households

200.000 households have access to FTTH (76%)

25.000 companies have access to FTTH (60%)

Digitalization is everywhere

Digitalization drives changes in all aspects of our lives:

1. Constant connectivity: The omnipresence of mobile devices and a new generation C – always connected – is emerging
2. Cloud computing and network security: Increased cloud computing places emphasis on how to secure data
3. Digital welfare services: Home care, schooling, citizen service are all being digitalized
4. Public digital agenda: EU strategy to have half of EU with fast connections (more than 100 Mbit/s)
5. Smart TV and consumer upload: Consumers increasingly watch TV/video over the internet, while also uploading themselves
6. Business intelligence: Data is everywhere – how to use it effectively?
7. Social media: Social media is vast and fast growing

The most fiber intensive region in Europe

Over the last decade, SE has invested 4.5 BN DKK in providing South Denmark with high speed internet (100 Mbit/s) and by 2017, all of South Jutland will have access. This makes South Denmark the most fiber intensive region within Europe.

76% of all households have access to FTTH today and it is interesting to see that SE FTTH-customers use app. 94 GB data every month. Ordinary ADSL customers in Denmark use in comparison only 21 GB.

Companies situated in Next Step City will have access to these data. Similarly they will have access to large scale test facilities, where new products can be tested in order to reduce time to market.


FTTH Technical information

Local 10Gbps standard connections – with an option of 100Gbps (B2C segment)
Customized SLA (with 99,955 – 99,9995% uptime levels) – 24/7/365 support
Optical Fiber Core n*100Gbps
Cashing servers implemented for 2 key customers enable fast local access to traffic – securing optimal use of international capacity
Network Core site (TAR) located within 0.6 miles of the data center
Latency of 1-2 ms in SE network
Newly acquired cable partner Stofa has a nationwide data infrastructure for their +400,000 CATV customers